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A Little History

This site is the result of a little discussion Robert J. Sawyer and myself were having a while back . . . I'll let Rob tell it since he already did so nicely in his blog. Below is the content of his post.
Marcel Gagné and I were chatting about a big problem with the Aurora Awards, namely that there was no convenient centralized place for people to post information about Canadian-authored works that they themselves have written, or are aware of by other people, that are eligible (either for the Auroras or other annual awards). Well, this is the era of the wiki, and so Marcel and I have now set up a new one just for this purpose: The Canadian SF Works Database. Marcel (who did all the technical work) felt it was important that people need to have an account to post, so please set up an account and go ahead and add to the lists. Marcel and I have simply started this ... but, like all wikis, it's wide open, and belongs to its users ... including you! The URL is easy remember: Check it out -- and add to the lists! And, please, help spread the word!