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2008 Aurora Award winners announced

The winners of the 2008 Prix Aurora Awards were announced Sunday 18 May 2008 at Keycon 25 in Winnipeg: Lifetime Achievement: Dennis Mullin Best Long-Form Work in English: The New Moon's Arms by Nalo Hopkinson (Warner) Best Long-Form Work in French: Cimetière du musée by Diane Boudreau (du Phoenix) Best Short-Form Work in English: "Like Water in the Desert" by Hayden Trenholm (Challenging Destiny) Best Short-Form Work in French: "Sur la plage des Èpaves" by Laurent MacAllister (Solaris) Best Work in English (Other): Under Cover of Darkness edited by Julie E. Czerneda & Jana Paniccia (DAW) Best Work in French (Other): No nominations. Artistic Achievement: Lar deSouza Fan Achievement (Fanzine): No award. Fan Achievement (Organizational): Penny Lipman Fan Achievement (Other): Paul Bobbitt (editor of The Voyageur)


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