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2015 - Publications in English

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Being listed here does NOT constitute a nomination for any award; this is merely a database of works eligible for nomination.  Until the official awards administrators release a final voting ballot, no one is a nominee, and ONLY works listed on a final ballot are nominees.
*An asterisk denotes a creator's preferred work, when a creator has more than one work eligible in a given category -- the one they'd like to see nominated, or the one they recommend you read if you're only going to read one of their works.  For more information about the asterisk designation, see here.

List as:
Last name, First name. Name of work (Publisher/URL) Date.
Last name, First Name. “Name of short story”. Name of Anthology. eds. Editor's Name(s). (Publisher/URL) Date. 
(In the Aurora, Hugo and Nebula rules, a novel is defined as more than 40,000 words. Single-author collections are eligible for the Aurora under the Related Works category but not for the Hugo or the Nebula.)

(Between 17,500 and 40,000 words in the Hugo and Nebula rules; the Auroras consider novellas, novelettes, and short stories to all be "short form" works)
(between 7,500 and 17,500 words in the Hugo and Nebula rules; the Auroras consider novellas, novelettes, and short stories to all be "short form" works.

Short Stories
(fewer than 7,500 words in the Hugo and Nebula rules; the Auroras consider novellas, novelettes, and short stories to all be "short form" works)

Poetry and Song Lyrics
(In the Aurora, this category includes poems or songs first published or performed in the calendar year in question)

Other Works (Including Single-Author Collections and Anthologies)
(The Aurora Awards category "Best Related Work" is defined as "Best Science Fiction or Fantasy literary criticism, book review, critical editions, screenplay, anthology, CD or a single-author collection released as a book." The Hugos have a category for "Best Related Book," defined as "Any work whose subject is related to the field of science fiction, fantasy, or fandom, appearing for the first time in book form during the year in question, and which is either non-fiction or, if fictional, is noteworthy primarily for aspects other than the fictional text.")

Kovacs, Christopher S. Plagiarizing Zelazny.  The New York Review of Science Fiction #325, September 2015; p 20-22.

Kovacs, Christopher S and MacDonald, Susan M. A Fifth Sampling of Medical Myths and Errors in Genre Fiction. The New York Review of Science Fiction #322, June 2015; p 1, 10-15.

Kovacs, Christopher S  Eye of Storm. The New York Review of Science Fiction #321, May 2015; p 1, 10-17.

Artistic Achievement

(The Aurora definition of the Artistic Achievement category: For a work or body of work produced by a Canadian artist within the calendar year in question.)
Fan Publication
(Fanzine or fan newsletter, blog or publication either in print or by electronic means, whose content significantly relates to science fiction and fantasy, published by a Canadian at least once during the year)

Fan Filk
(Activities by a Canadian filker in areas such as album, song-writing, performance or sound engineering. Filk is fan music based on science fiction or fantasy)
Fan Organizational
(Contributions to Canadian Science Fiction or Fantasy clubs, conventions or other organized activities.)
Fan Other
(Activity in the area of Science Fiction or Fantasy not encompassed by the previous three categories in areas such as:  presentations, performances, APAS or fan-writing)

Potential John W. Campbell Award Nominees
(presented at the World Science Fiction Convention; for writers whose first professional publications were in the preceding two years.)