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Deadline for Aurora nominations

The deadline for online Aurora Award nominations is Monday 17 March 2008. You can nominate online here. If mailing a paper ballot, it must be postmarked by Monday 10 March 2008. URL updated. Due date updated. -- RJS


Too bad: my last SF novel won't be considered this year: thanks to this new 40 000-words limit (who's idea was it?), all my furture 35k- to 38 k-words novels won't be more that big novellas... Which, considering the time and effort I spend in writing good SF, is somewhat of an insult. Meanwhile, YA "bubblegum" mass-marketed fantasy novels still pass the bar... Michèle Laframboise SF writer and comic artist My eligible "novella" this year: La Quête de Chaaas, Médiaspaul, Montréal 2007, 200 p. Eligible Short-stories (under 7500 words): Les Lucioles d'Alliante, in QUAD9 magazine, 5B, CFORP, Ottawa 2007 Le potager d'Ysandre, in QUAD9 magazine, 5A, CFORP, Ottawa 2007 Eligible works of art: Ruego, SF comicbook, 20 p. SF Illustrations for the QUAD9 magazine.
Michèle Laframboise SF writer and comic artist

No one has changed the rules, Michèle. Hugos and Nebulas have always specified 40,000 words or more for a novel; as for the Auroras, there are no official word-length requriements. But. please, add your bibliographic data to the appropriate categories in the SF Wiki -- you do no one, least of all yourself, a favour by just dumping it in a comment on the end of someone else's post. Click on "2007 - Publications en Français," and please edit with care; other people have put a lot of work into this. :) For the record, the Aurora rules process is open and participatory; anyone can get involved, and many of us do.

Thank you! (belated) Michèle Laframboise SF writer and comic artist
Michèle Laframboise SF writer and comic artist

I know there has been some question about my eligibility for the Auroras, as I have repeatedly corrected the wiki from others trying to disqualify some of my works. I talked with Clint Budd today and the way he reads the CSFFA constitution a person must be a resident in Canada "during 2007". As I have been an immigrant since March 2007, had permanent resident status given to me in June and moved here in October, please let my nominations rest. It's misleading to keep disqualifying them. I'm not suspecting that I will BE nominated or that I would even win, but I'd like to believe the CSFFA constitution is still valid in these matters to allow me eligibility to just run alongside everyone else. Thanks, Jerome Stueart

Oooh! Our first edit-war! We're a real Wiki! :) Hi, Jerome Steuart. Welcome to Canada! I'm sure we're all delighted that you're here. For the record, the Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Association Constitution (which governs the Aurora Awards) states: "Section 6: Canadian Writer. A Canadian writer is defined as a citizen, not necessarily living in Canada at the time, or a permanent resident of Canada." I don't believe I ever saw any language about "disqualify" or "disqualifying" in any of the various edits in the Wiki, Jerome. You were not (and are not) a Canadian citizen, and you moved to Canada after two of your three stories from last year were published (you arrived in Canada on or about October 3, 2007), and the stories in question were published in the Spring 2007 On Spec and the June 2007 Strange Horizons. But, as you note, you received permanent resident status in June, prior to your move. The Wiki is a database, and not the place for personal comments such as "Thanks, Clint," so I'm moving your commentary here to the comment section, and removing the remarks added by you and others to your bibliographic records in the 2007 Wiki. Your commentary: According to the CSFFA constitution, Stueart's eligibility is fine as he was a resident of Canada "during 2007"; Clint Budd, collector of ballots, made the call. Thanks, Clint." All best wishes, my friend. I hope our paths cross again soon and often, and, once more, welcome to Canada!

Hi Marcel - For some reason I'm denied access to viewing or editing the 2007 and 2006 Publications in English pages. Not sure if others are similarly affected but I'd appreciate if you could look into why I can't see them (I can see all the French ones, for some reason. Odd, I think, since my French is, how you say, le terrible :) Also, as a site admin do you have an e-mail posted somewhere here so we can be in touch with you with problems like this? I couldn't find one, nor could I find one at your website (the hotlink at the bottom of the pages links to your site and isn't a mailto). Hence the post here :) Thanks. Stephen Kotowych
---------------------------------------- STEPHEN KOTOWYCH, Science Fiction Writer Writers of the Future Contest First-Place Winner (3rd Quarter, 2006) *

Hi Marcel, I have also been denied access to updating the 2007 Publications in English list. I managed to add Ronn Sutton to the Illustrators list and one listing for myself, but I have more to add and I keep getting "access denied." Do you want me to send you the additonal information to list via email? I could not find your email anywhere on this site or on your site. Please advise, Janet Hetherington
Janet Hetherington Best Destiny

Hi, Folks. I've alerted Marcel to the access problem. I know he's been migrating the various boards he's set up to a new server, so that's probably the cause. :) I'm sure we'll get it straightened out quickly, but, in the interim, if people would like to email updates to me, I can, as one of the administrators of this site, get them added for you. I'm at I apologize for the inconvenience!

Speak up if it isn't. :)

I've tried once again and access is still denied to the 2007 Publications in English page. I seem to be able to access all the others though... Janet Hetherington Best Destiny
Janet Hetherington Best Destiny

Hi Marcel - I'm still denied access to the 2007 Publications in English page. I can see all the others now, but can't tell what's eligible for this year's Auroras without the 2007 page :) Thanks, - S.
---------------------------------------- STEPHEN KOTOWYCH, Science Fiction Writer Writers of the Future Contest First-Place Winner (3rd Quarter, 2006) *

Dear Rob, Thanks for following up with Marcel. As of this posting, I still can't access the 2007 Publications in English page. I'll hold off emailing you my list of additions to you (I know you're very busy) and keep checking back to see if I can gain access. By the way, congrats on being a Guest this year at Comic-Con International in San Diego. It's one huge cra-zee convention! I hope to get back there again this year. Cheers--Janet Hetherington
Janet Hetherington Best Destiny

**Nominations close March 17th, 2008. Nominations mailed in must be postmarked March 10th/2008** -------

Hi Rob and Marcel:  I was informed by a member of SF Canada that I am now eligible to post my publication info on this site. After navigating around for a couple of hours looking for an appropriate place to post, i finally found this place. As of today January 1 2011 I too am having access problems. I have no way of knowing if the data I posted on my story showed up on the data base or not as it is telling me I can't get in. There does not seem to be any place on this site where I can post a comment but here. To be quite honest, I am finding this site very hard to navigate as the wiki help function tells me to go to information on the left which does not exist. As the last comment on this board was placed a couple of years ago, I am not sure how much attention this comment will get. However, I do want my information to be up someplace on a Canadian Data base and I now have a log-in password etc, so could somebody please email me and let me know if my information did get on the database? ThanksBrenda Carre

Well, dang! Seems a permissions issue came along with the upgrade and, foolishly, I tested the upgraded site with my admin login and Rob's (you guessed it) admin login. I never actually tried editing content as non-admin users and therefore didn't notice this issue. Figuring out the problem took me a few hours that I didn't have but the good news is that you should be able to edit content now. 

My sincere apologies for the inconvenience. None of this was your fault.

-- Marcel Gagné