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2011 - Publications in English

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Being listed here does NOT constitute a nomination for any award; this is merely a database of works eligible for nomination.  Until the official awards administrators release a final voting ballot, no one is a nominee, and ONLY works listed on a final ballot are nominees.
*An asterisk denotes a creator's preferred work, when a creator has more than one work eligible in a given category -- the one they'd like to see nominated, or the one they recommend you read if you're only going to read one of their works.  For more information about the asterisk designation, see here.
List as:
Last name, First name. Name of work (Publisher/URL) Date.
Last name, First Name. “Name of short story”. Name of Anthology. eds. Editor's Name(s). (Publisher/URL) Date. 

(In the Aurora, Hugo and Nebula rules, a novel is defined as more than 40,000 words. Single-author collections are eligible for the Aurora under the Related Works category but not for the Hugo or the Nebula.)
Bird, Shawn L. Grace Awakening Book One: Awakening Dreams (Lintusen Press)  July 2011
Bridgman, Rae. Kingdom of Trolls. (Sybertooth) February 2011
Chane, Lee Arthur (aka Edward Willett). Magebane. (DAW Books) October 2011
Dales, Karen. Shadow of Death: Book Two of The Chosen Chronicles (Dark Dragon Publishing) April 2011
DiLouie, Craig. The Infection (Permuted Press) February 2011
Elder, Joanne. Spectra (MuseItUp Publishing) July 2011
Frey, J.M. Triptych (Dragon Moon Press) April 2011
Files, Gemma. A Rope of Thorns (ChiZine Publications) May 2011
Galler-Smith, Barbara and Josh Langston. Captives (Edge Science Fiction & Fantasy Publishing) May 2011
Hayward, Brent. The Fecund's Melancholy Daughter (ChiZine Publications) May 2011
Johansen, K.V.  Blackdog (Pyr) September 2011
MacDonald, Susan M. Edge of Time (Breakwater Books) August 2011
Munteanu, Nina. Outer Diverse (Starfire World Syndicate) October 2011
Murphy, Derryl. Napier's Bones (ChiZine Publications) March 2011
Nickle, David. Eutopia (ChiZine Publications) April 2011
Rowe, Michael. Enter, Night (Chizine Publications) October 2011
Sawyer, Robert J. Wonder (Penguin Canada) April 2011
Stanton, Steve. The Bloodlight Chronicles: Retribution (ECW Press) November 2011
Sweet, Caitlin. The Pattern Scars (ChiZine Publications) September 2011
Walton, Jo. Among Others (Tor), January 2011

(Between 17,500 and 40,000 words in the Hugo and Nebula rules; the Auroras consider novellas, novelettes, and short stories to all be "short form" works)
Bedwell-Grime, Stephanie. Mummy's The Word (Double Dragon Publishing) June2011
Lalumière, Claude. The Door to Lost Pages (ChiZine Publications) April 2011 (this is a novella in stories)
Bell, Eileen: "Victim 18" The 2nd Circle (The 10th Circle Project) December 2011
McFadden, Ryan: "One Small Job" The 1st Circle (The 10th Circle Project) September 2011
McPherson, Jim: "Janna Fangfingers" (Phantacea Publications) September 2011

(between 7,500 and 17,500 words in the Hugo and Nebula rules; the Auroras consider novellas, novelettes, and short stories to all be "short form" works)
Bobet, Leah. "The Small Dark Movie of Your Life", Shadow Unit, June 2011.
Janz, Kristin. "The Kiss of the Blood-Red Pomegranate". Aoife's Kiss. December 2011.
* Kotowych, Stephen. "Under the Shield." InterGalactic Medicine Show, Issue 24, August 2011

Short Stories
(fewer than 7,500 words in the Hugo and Nebula rules; the Auroras consider novellas, novelettes, and short stories to all be "short form" works)
*Anderson, Colleen. "A Book By Its Cover." Mirror Shards. Thomas Carpenter, ed. Bad Moon Books, Aug. 2011.
Anderson, Colleen "It's Only Words." The Horror Anthology of Horror Anthologies (England). D.F. Lewis, ed. Nemonymous Press, June 2011.
Anderson, Colleen. "Tasty Morsels." Polluto #8 Magazine (England). Victoria Hooper, ed. Aug., 2011.
Baldwin, Richard. "The Sentience Gun." Cucurbital 2 anthology. Lawrence M. Schoen and Arthur Dorrance, eds. Nov., 2011.
Bilodeau, Marie. "The Legend of Gluck" When The Hero Comes Home. ed. Ed Greenwood and Gabrielle Harbowy. (Dragon Moon Press) July 2011.
Black, Richard "A Deserving Master" (5,482 words): Neo-opsis Science Fiction Magazine #20.
Bobet, Leah. "The Ground Whereon She Stands", Realms of Fantasy, June 2011.
Bobet, Leah. "Stay", Chilling Tales: Evil Did I Dwell -- Lewd Did I Live, Michael Kelly ed., March 2011.
Braun, Shen. "CostumesTesseracts 15, Julie Czerneda and Susan McGregor, eds. (Edge Science Fiction & Fantasy Publishing), October 2011
Brown, Leslie. "The Slow Plague", Doomology, Bill Tucker and Wayne Goodchild, eds. (Library of Science Fiction & Fantasy Press), March 2011.
Brown, Leslie. "Incursion", Jack-o'-Spec, Karen Romanko, ed. (Raven Electrick Ink Press) Sept., 2011.
Brown, Leslie. "The Windup Heiress", Tesseracts 15, Julie Czerneda and Susan McGregor, eds. (Edge Science Fiction & Fantasy Publishing), Oct., 2011.
Church, Suzanne. "The Needle's Eye", Chilling Tales: Evil Did I Dwell -- Lewd Did I Live, Edited by Michael Kelly, EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing, March 2011.
Cole, Geoffrey W. "On the Many Uses of Cedar", On Spec #85, Edited by Susan MacGregor, Summer 2011.
Darbyshire, Peter. “We Are All Ghosts”, Innsmouth Magazine, Issue 8, October 2011
Durham, Bruce. "The Crane Horror", Lovecraft eZine, Issue 1, February, 2011
Durham, Bruce. "Plains of Hell", Lawyers in Hell. ed. Janet Morris (Kerlak Publishing) July 2011
Durham, Bruce. "The Case of the Galloway Eidolon". Lovecraft eZine, Issue 5, June 2011
Forest, Susan. "Turning It Off", Analog Science Fiction and Fact, ed. Stanley Schmidt (Dell Magazines, New York) December, 2011.
Frey, J.M. "The Once And Now-ish King" When The Hero Comes Home. ed. Ed Greenwood and Gabrielle Harbowy. (Dragon Moon Press) July 2011.
Friedman, Ron S. "Unveiled". Daily Science Fiction; May 2011.
Ginther, Chadwick. "First Light", On Spec, Summer 2011
Grant, Glenn. "Flowers of Avalon", Burning Days (Nanopress), January 2011
Janz, Kristin. "The Observation Deck". On Spec. Fall 2011.
Janz, Kristin. "The Shoemaker's Daughter". Mystic Signals. May 2011.
Janz, Kristin. "Sons of God, Daughters of Men". Strange, Weird, & Wonderful. Spring 2011.
Kasturi, Sandra. "Foxford"; Chilling Tales, ed. Michael Kelly, Calgary: EDGE Books, 2011
Kasturi, Sandra. "Mrs. Kong" World Horror Convention 2011 Programme Book, Austin, Texas, April 2011
*Kasturi, Sandra. "The Slowing of the World" Evolve 2, ed. Nancy Kilpatrick, Calgary: EDGE Books, 2011
Knowles, Brent. "Stealing Death" Necrotic Tissue #13, January 2011
Kotowych, Stephen. "A Time for Raven." Interzone #236, September/October 2011
Kress, Adrienne. "The Clockwork Corset", Corsets & Clockwork. ed. Trisha Telep (Running Press Kids) May 2011
Künsken, Derek. "The Gifts of Li Tzu-Ch'eng", Black Gate Magazine #15, 2011.
Künsken, Derek. "The God Thieves", Beneath Ceaseless Skies #84, December, 2011.
*Künsken, Derek. "To Live and Die in Gibbontown", Asimov's Science Fiction, October/November 2011.
MacLean, Lynne M. "The Illumination of Cypher-Space",Tesseracts 15, Julie Czerneda and Susan McGregor, eds. (Edge Science Fiction & Fantasy Publishing), Oct., 2011.
Marlowe, Paul"Alpha & Omega". Something Wicked magazine. July 2011.
Marlowe, Paul"Cotton Avicenna B iv". Something Wicked magazine. September 2011.
Marshall, Helen. “Skin”, Future Lovecraft, Innsmouth Free Press, 2011.
Matheson, Michael. "Rubedo, an Alchemy of Madness", Future Lovecraft, Silvia Moreno-Garcia & Paula R. Stiles, eds., (Innsmouth Free Press), December 2011
McFadden, Ryan. "A Man of Quality" The 2nd Circle (The 10th Circle Project), December 2011
McCharles, Randy. "One Horrible Day" The 2nd Circle (The 10th Circle Project), December 2011
Moore, Matt. "Ascension", AE: The Canadian Science Fiction Review, August 2011.
Moreno-Garcia, Silvia. “A Handful of Earth”, Expanded Horizons, Issue 30, July 2011
Moreno-Garcia, Silvia. “A Puddle of Blood”, EVOLVE Two: Vampire Stories of the Future Undead, Nancy Kilpatrick, ed., (EDGE) August 2011
Moreno-Garcia, Silvia. “At the Edge”, Space and Time, January 2011
Moreno-Garcia, Silvia. “The Death Collector”, AE – The Canadian Science Fiction Review, February 2011
Moreno-Garcia, Silvia. “The English Cemetery”, Coffinmouth, September 2011
Moreno-Garcia, Silvia. “The Gan Wait”, AE – The Canadian Science Fiction Review, November 2011
Moreno-Garcia, Silvia. “Memory”, Expanded Horizons, Issue 33 December 2011
Moreno-Garcia, Silvia. “Scales as Pale as Moonlight”, Carter V. Cooper Anthology and Exile Quarterly, May 2011
Moreno-Garcia, Silvia. “Shade of the Ceibra Tree”, Kaleidotrope, May 2011
Moreno-Garcia, Silvia. “This Strange Way of Dying”, GigaNotoSaurus, August 2011 (Audio version released through Podcastle, November 2011)
Pawlowski, Owen: The Grandmother Tree (2,408 words): Neo-opsis Science Fiction Magazine: Issue 20.
Reynolds, Timothy: "Hawkwood's Folly", 20,001: A Steampunk Odyssey. ed. Bev Gelfand. Kindling Press, Sept. 2011.
Rimar, Mike. "Four Wizards and a Funeral" InterGalactic Medicine Show, June 2011
Rimar, Mike, "From the Files of the E.F.P.D." Mother Goose is Dead: Modern Stories of Myths, Fables and Fairy Tales. Michele Acker and Kirk Dougal, eds. (DamnationBooks) September 2011.
Rimar, Mike, "My Name is Tommy" Tesseracts Fifteen:A Case of Quite Curious Tales. Julie Czerneda and Susan McGregor, eds. (Edge Science Fiction & Fantasy Publishing) September 2011
Rimar, Mike, "Chicka-Chicka-Bow-Wow" Cucurbital 2, Lawrence Schoen, ed. (Paper Golem) November 2011
Runté, Robert. "Split Decision", Tesseracts Fifteen, Julie Czerneda & Susan MacGregor, eds., (EDGE) September 2011
Stanton, Steve, "Hedge of Protection", On Spec #85, Summer 2011.
Stanton, Steve, "White World", Ray Gun Revival, March 2011.
Stanton, Steve, "Gathering Glory", Daily Science Fiction, February 2011.
Stanton, Steve, "Eternal Virus", Ray Gun Revival, October 2011.



​​Best Graphic Novel/Graphic Story/Webcomic


(Aurora description: Graphic novel, single issue of a serial or an on-line comic.

Hugo description: A science fiction or fantasy story told in graphic form, such as a comic book, graphic novel, or webcomic.)


Acton, Alison, "Bear Nuts" webcomic, (, 2011
Hunt, Tarol, "Goblins" webcomic, (, 2011
Morris, Rich, "Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic", (, 2011
Pete, Alina, "Weregeek" webcomic, (, 2011
Yates, Crystal, "Earthsong" webcomic, (, 2011
Poetry and Song Lyrics
(In the Aurora, this category includes poems or songs first published or performed in the calendar year in question)
*Anderson, Colleen. "A Good Catch." Polu Texni. Dawn Albright, ed. April, 2011.
Anderson, Colleen. "Darkside." Chizine. Sandra Kasturi, ed. May, 2011.
Anderson, Colleen. "Shadow Relams." Witches & Pagans #23. Anne Newkirk Niven, ed. BBI Media. Aug. 2011.
Anderson, Colleen. "Sundance." Chizine. Sandra Kasturi, ed. June, 2011.
*Clink, Carolyn. "Zombie Bees of Winnipeg" Chiaroscuro/ 47, 2011.
Clink, Carolyn. "10 things to know about staplers" Star*Line January/March 2011.
*Clink, David. "Nothing but sky overhead" Chiaroscuro/ 47, 2011.
Dale, Heather. "Choose". Fairytale CD, Dec. 2011.
Dale, Heather. "Fairytale". Fairytale CD, Dec. 2011.
Dale, Heather. "Fortune". Fairytale CD, Dec. 2011.
*Dale, Heather. "Skeleton Woman". Fairytale CD, Dec. 2011.
Dale, Heather. "Storybook". Fairytale CD, Dec. 2011.
Dale, Heather. "Ten Feet Tall". Fairytale CD, Dec. 2011.
*Kasturi, Sandra. "A Man in His Car, Beside His Beautiful Wife" Coffee House Poetry, 2011
Kasturi, Sandra. "Ode to the Mongolian Death Worm" Chiaroscuro/ 47, 2011
* Marshall, Helen. Skeleton Leaves: a Collection, Kelp Queen Press, Toronto, 2011. [please e-mail to request PDF]
Marshall, Helen. “Beautiful Monster”, Paper Crow. (Fall Issue) 2011.
Marshall, Helen. “The Oak Girl”, Tesseracts 15, 2011.
Marshall, Helen.“One Quarter Gorgon”, Chiaroscuro 47, 2011
Marshall, Helen. “Strict Nominalism”, Chiaroscuro 49, 2011.

Other Works (Including Single-Author Collections and Anthologies)
(The Aurora Awards category "Best Related Work" is defined as "Best Science Fiction or Fantasy literary criticism, book review, critical editions, screenplay, anthology, CD or a single-author collection released as a book." The Hugos have a category for "Best Related Book," defined as "Any work whose subject is related to the field of science fiction, fantasy, or fandom, appearing for the first time in book form during the year in question, and which is either non-fiction or, if fictional, is noteworthy primarily for aspects other than the fictional text.")
The 1st Circle-Under a Blood-Red Moon, Edited by Eileen Bell and Ryan McFadden (The Tenth Circle Project). September 2011
*Dale, Heather, Fairytale CD, Amphis Music, 2011
Dale, Heather. "Live in Connecticut" CD  (recorded live at PiCon, August 2011)
Grant, Glenn. Burning Days (Nanopress) January 2011
Johanson, Karl. Neo-opsis Science Fiction Magazine Issue 20.
Kovacs, Christopher S. The Ides of Octember: A Pictorial Bibliography of Roger Zelazny [Zelazny-signed, lettered, traycased edition] Camelot Books, March 2011
Kovacs, Christopher S. Fallen Books and Other Subtle Clues in Zelazny's A Night in the Lonesome OctoberThe New York Review of Science Fiction #280, December 2011; p 1;4-6
Kovacs, Christopher S and MacDonald, Susan M. Medical Myths and Errors in Science Fiction and Fantasy. The New York Review of Science Fiction #277, September 2011; p 1;4-9
Kovacs, Christopher S., editor [with David G. Grubbs and Ann Crimmins]. This Mortal Mountain – Volume 3: The Collected Stories of Roger Zelazny. 2nd Edition revised.  NESFA Press, May 2011.
Kress, Adrienne. "The Inevitable Decline of Decadence", in The Girl Who Was On Fire: Your Favorite Authors on Suzanne Collins' Hunger Games Trilogy. edited by Leah Wilson (Smart Pop / BenBella Books) April 2011
Matheson, Michael. Review: The Secret of Crickley Hall (TOR Reissue), Innsmouth Free Press, September 14, 2011
Matheson, Michael. Apocalypse Week: Review: Evolve Two, Innsmouth Free Press, October 31, 2011
Runté, Robert. Review of From Mountains of Ice by Lorina Stephens, Neo-Opsis Science Fiction Magazine's CD-ROM of Amazingly Neat Stuff #5, Spring 2011

Artistic Achievement
(The Aurora definition of the Artistic Achievement category: For a work or body of work produced by a Canadian artist within the calendar year in question.)
Blaine, Janice. Cover of Neo-opsis Science Fiction Magazine, Issue 20
Bridgman, Rae.  Interior illustrations for Kingdom of Trolls. (Sybertooth) February 2011.
Choi, Connie. Cover art for The Black Box. (Sybertooth) February 2011.
Dales, Evan. The cover art for Shadow of Death: Book Two of The Chosen Chronicles and the covers for the reissues of Changeling: Prelude to the Chosen Chronicles (May 2011) and Angel of Death: Book One of the Chosen Chronicles (May 2011) published by Dark Dragon Publishing
Gurgu, CostiCover art for Outer Diverse. (Starfire World Syndicate) October 2011.
Laframboise, Michèle, Otaku Ladies, a cyberpunk Webcomic, since January 2011

Fan Publication
(Fanzine or fan newsletter, blog or publication either in print or by electronic means, whose content significantly relates to science fiction and fantasy, published by a Canadian at least once during the year)
Braithwaite, Keith, for Impulse, newsletter published monthly for MonSFFA.
Cameron, R. Graeme (Richard), for Space Cadet
Cameron, R. Graeme (Richard), for Fanatical Fanactivist
McCharles, Randy. "The Saint" Bourbon and Eggnog, December 2011 (
Miles, Georgina, editor of The Voyageur, Published by Infinite Diversity International Corporation
Palmer-Lister, Catherine (Cathy) editor for WARP, published quarterly by MonSFFA
Spiers, Dale, for Opuntia
Walker, Felicity, for BCSFAzine, published monthly

Fan Filk
(Activities by a Canadian filker in areas such as album, song-writing, performance or sound engineering. Filk is fan music based on science fiction or fantasy)
Borean, Heather, for her song Justine
Elumir, Errol. For his song Lorem Ipsum
Hayman, Judith. For her GoH concert at Con*Cept, 2011
Jeffers, Sue, for her song Gypsy Troop
Jeffers, Tom, for his song The Big One (based on Meteorite Men)
Linsley, Karen, for her song Flying High, Flying Free
Linsley, Karen, for her Filk Waif concert at FilKONtario 2011
Mills, Phil. Body of Work - 40+ filk songs published online in 2011 including songs written for FAWM and 50/90
Scrimgeor, Howard and Hayman, Judith. For the Audio Visual presentation of the Space Concert at Confusion 2011
Sloman, Alegra. For her songs Meet The Crew and 40,000 Light Years
Stone Dragons, for their FilKONtario 2011 concert
Turner, Cindy, for her Interfilk Concert, OVFF 2011
Warner_Lalonde, Peggi and Mills, Phil, For their performance of Janis Ian's "Welcome Home" at the Aurora Awards at SFContario.

Fan Organizational
(Contributions to Canadian Science Fiction or Fantasy clubs, conventions or other organized activities.)

Gurudata, Andrew, for organizing the Constellation Awards
Halasz, Peter, for administering the Sunburst Awards
Kasturi, Sandra and Helen Marshall. Co-Chairs of the 2011 Toronto SpecFic Colloquium: Modern Mythologies.[Toronto]
Kasturi, Sandra and Helen Marshall. Co-Organizers of the Chiaroscuro Reading Series. [Toronto]
McCharles, Randy, Chair and founder of When Words Collide, 2011
McGovern, Farrell, Chair and Co-Founder CAN-CON: The Conference on Canadian Content in Speculative Arts and Literature 2011
Weiss, Allan. Chair of the 2011 Academic Conference on Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy [Toronto]
Von Thorn, Alex, Chair of SFContario 2011, its second year

Fan Other
(Activity in the area of Science Fiction or Fantasy not encompassed by the previous three categories in areas such as:  presentations, performances, APAS or fan-writing)
Wayne, Taral, art for the Canadian Fanzine Fanac Awards


Potential John W. Campbell Award Nominees
(presented at the World Science Fiction Convention; for writers whose first professional publications were in the preceding two years.) 
Joanne Elder
J.M. Frey
Karen Dales
Susan M. MacDonald
Silvia Moreno-Garcia