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2007 Aurora Finalists and Winners with Hyperlinks


2007 Finalists (book links)

Best Long-Form Work in English
Meilleur livre en anglais

Meilleur livre en français
Best Long-Form Work in French

  • Samuel de la chasse-galerie, Michel J. Lévesque (Médiaspaul)
  • Les îles du Zodiaque 3. Le maître des bourrasques, Laurent McAllister (Médiaspaul)
  • Reine de Mémoire 3. Le Dragon fou, Elisabeth Vonarburg (Alire)
  • *** WINNER ***: Reine de Mémoire 4. La Princesse de Vengeance, Elisabeth Vonarburg (Alire)

Best Short-Form Work in English
Meilleure nouvelle en anglais

  • "All the Cool Monsters at Once", James Alan Gardner (Mythspring, Red Deer Press)
  • "This Ink Feels Like Sorrow", Karin Lowachee (Mythspring, Red Deer Press)
  • "Marked Men", John Mierau (Slipstreams, edited by Martin H. Greenberg and John Helfers, DAW)
  • *** WINNER ***: "Biding Time", Robert J. Sawyer (Slipstreams, edited by Martin H. Greenberg and John Helfers, DAW [and also in The Penguin Book of Crime Stories, edited by Peter Robinson])
  • "Lumen Essence", Hayden Trenholm (Neo-opsis SF Magazine 9)

Meilleure nouvelle en français
Best Short-Form Work in French

  • «Le vol de l'abeille», Michèle Laframboise (Solaris 159)
  • «Stiletto», Julie Martel (Solaris 160)
  • *** WINNER ***: «Le regard du trilobite», Mario Tessier (Solaris 159)

Best Work in English (Other)
Meilleur ouvrage en anglais (Autre)

  • The Hidden Path, Heather Dale ( [music cd]
  • Jousting with Jesters : An ABC for the Younger Dragon, Martin Springett (Orca Book Publishers) [children's alphabet book]
  • Mythspring : From the Lyrics and Legends of Canada, Julie E. Czerneda and Genevieve Kierans, editors (Red Deer Press) [anthology]
  • *** WINNER ***: Neo-opsis Science Fiction Magazine, Karl Johanson, editor ( [sf magazine]
  • Tesseracts Ten : A Celebration of New Canadian Speculative Fiction, Edo Van Belkom & Robert Charles Wilson, editors (EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing) [anthology]

Meilleur ouvrage en français (Autre)
Best Work in French (Other)

  • La Décennie charnière, Claude Janelle (dir.) (Alire)
  • Solaris, réd. Joël Champetier (
  • Mario Tessier, Les Carnets du Futurible (Solaris 157-160)
  • *** WINNER ***: «Aux origines des petits hommes verts», Jean-Louis Trudel (Solaris 160)

Artistic Achievement
Accomplissement artistique

Fan Achievement (Publication)
Accomplissement fanique (Publication)

Fan Achievement (Organizational)
Accomplissement fanique (Organisation)

  • Debbie Hodgins (Avenging Dragon Squadron, KAG/Kanada)
  • Roy Miles (I.D.I.C.)
  • *** WINNER ***: Cathy Palmer-Lister (Con*Cept) [and see note here]
  • Joan Sherman (I.D.I.C.)
  • Geoffrey Toop (DWIN)

Fan Achievement (Other)
Accomplissement fanique (autre)


Cathy Palmer-Lister, the chair of Con*Cept, the Montreal regional SF convention, agreed several days ago to having on-site voting for the Auroras this year at Con*Cept (in addition to the on-site voting at VCon in Vancouver, the actual venue for the Aurora ceremony this year). The world should note that having on-site voting at Con*Cept was my idea, not hers. And that she agreed to it before the nominees in the Aurora category of "Fan Organizational" were revealed (or were contacted to be informed that they were nominees). As it happens, Cathy is a finalist in that category, for her wonderful work on last year's Con*Cept. Cathy immediately announced to Dennis Mullin (Aurora administrator), Clint Budd (president of WCSFA, the umbrella organization for VCon, this year's CanVention), Michael Walsh (this year's CanVention coordinator), and myself (who had proposed on-site voting in Montreal) that she felt she should decline her nomination if there was to be on-site voting at Con*Cept, because of the perceived conflict of interest. Cathy's sense of ethics is laudable, and we all thanked her for displaying such class, but every one of us also told her to let her nomination stand. We all know that she is beyond reproach, and told her so. As Michael Walsh said, "Dennis Mullin speaks for all of us in expressing admiration for and confidence in your personal ethics." Dennis Mullin himself is traveling, at his own expense, to Con*Cept to supervise the on-site voting there to make sure not only that it is fair, but that it is seen to be fair (and many thanks to Dennis for doing so). Given this, and our reassurances, Cathy has decided to let her nomination stand, and there will indeed be on-site voting at both VCon and Con*Cept. Congratulations to all the nominees in Cathy's category, every one of whom has done wonderful work for the fandom groups they belong to:
  • Debbie Hodgins (Avenging Dragon Squadron, KAG/Kanada)
  • Roy Miles (I.D.I.C.)
  • Cathy Palmer-Lister (Con*Cept)
  • Joan Sherman (I.D.I.C.)
  • Geoffrey Toop (DWIN)
Now, to the voting!

And well done to everyone on this decision, and making it happen. It does increase the amount of work and peoiple involved, but this is a big country geographically, and this may have to be done. I think this is a first to have another convention assist the Canvention in publicizing and gathering the votes for the Auroras. Eastern fandom was starting to look a little moribund. With Anticipation comes a revitalization we all needed, in my opinion. Lloyd