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2010 Active Fans and Their Works

A wiki for listing works and people eligible for nomination for the Fan categories of the Aurora Awards.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Being listed here does NOT constitute a nomination for any award; this is merely a database of individuals, groups and works eligible for nomination.  Until the official awards administrators release a final voting ballot, no one is a nominee, and ONLY works listed on a final ballot are nominees.

* An asterisk denotes a creator's preferred work, when a creator has more than one work eligible in a given category -- the one they'd like to see nominated, or the one they recommend you read if you're only going to read one of their works.  For more information about the asterisk designation, see here.


Best Fan Publication

R. Graeme Cameron, editor. WCSFAzine

Felicity Walker, edtior. BCSFAzine.



Best Fan Organizational

Andrew Gurudata for organizing the Constellation Awards.

Brent M. Jans, chair, Pure Speculation (Edmonton convention)

Jennifer Lambe, chair, HAL-CON, bringing organized fandom to Nova Scotia.

Liana K (Liana Kerzner), chair, Futurecon (Toronto convention)

Lee Knight, chiar, Ad Astra (Toronto convetion)

Helen Marshall and Sandra Kasturi, chairs, Toronto SpecFic Colloquium (Toronto convention) [see here for podcasts]

Danielle Stephens, chair, VCON 35 (Vancouver convention)

Alex Von Thorn, chair, SFContario (Toronto convention)

Pauline Walsh, programming, VCON 35 (Vancouver convention)

Farrell McGovern, chair, CAN-CON for reviving SF conventions in Ottawa with CAN-CON 2010


[NOTE ON THE FOLLOWING ENTRY: Clint Budd is ineligible for nomination for the Aurora Award, as he is a member of the Board of Directors of the parent body for the Auroras.  However this listing was added by a Wiki user, and we're leaving it intact to note for posterity the wonderful work Clint has done.]

Clint Budd, president, Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Association (CSFFA), for transforming the informal Aurora Awards Committee into a nationally incorporated nonprofit, recruiting its first board of directors, and overseeing its first AGM, public rules, and website



Best Fan Filk

Dandelion Wine , "Face on Mars" studio CD released June by Dave Clement and Tom Jeffers, of original songs written by Tom and covers of songs beloved by filkers

Judith Hayman and Howard Scrimgeour, for organizing, writing and narrating the multimedia Space Concert performed at FilKONtario 20, Hudson Bay and SFContario

Sue Jeffers, songwriting, Our Fair City

Phil Mills, songwriting, Box of Shadows

Phil Mills, for writing and uploading 14 new filk songs in February for FAWM, February Album Writing Month

Phil Mills, songwriting, Time Traveller *

Urban Tapestry for their Guest of Honour concert at Ohio Valley Filk Fest. (Members of the group are Canadian, and they performed mostly their own original material.)

Karen Linsley, performance, for her concert as Guest of Honour at SFContario.


Best Fan Other

Lloyd Penney, letters of comment, numerous fanzines

Phil Fogel, webmaster, Con*Cept (Montreal convention)

Tom Jeffers, fundraising for FilKONtario through the creation of a DVD of international filk performances.

John Mansfield for creating, designing, and fund raising of the first print run of the Aurora Pin.