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Being listed here does NOT constitute an award nomination

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Being listed here does NOT constitute a nomination for any award; this is merely a database of works eligible for nomination.  Until the official awards administrators release a final voting ballot, no one is a nominee, and ONLY works listed on a final ballot are nominees.


True, this is not a database of nominees, but anyone nominated during the nomination stage of the process is a nominee. The nomination form says "You may submit up to 3 nominees in each category", and refers to the names submitted as "nominees". The people who show up on the final ballot are referred to as "finalists", not "nominees". So, to be clear, there are four types of works: 1. Eligible works (this database) 2. Nominees (those who have had their works duly nominated) 3. Finalists (those who appear on the voting ballot) 4. Winners (those on the ballot getting the most votes)

No,  that is wrong, in any meaningful sense, "sf."   Please don't muddy the waters.  The sort of "nominations" you refer to are private, made on confidential ballots, never published or publicized, are self-doable (that is you may list yourself as one of your own three choices on the Aurora nominating ballot), and are unverifiable by any third party.  I say again -- and I'm sure Clint Budd, the Aurora Award-administrator, would agree with me -- the only nominees are those listed as finalists by the administrators on the official voting ballot.  Indeed, those finalists get nominee pins; no one else does, because they are not nominees.

If you want to actually destroy the meaning -- and the honour -- of being nominated, what you're saying, "sf," is step right up, folks:  fill your own name out on this form here, and you too can claim for all time to be a nominee for a national award.  Sorry, but that's not honest, fair, approrpriate, meaningful, or what anyone intended.

Indeed, let me be very, very specific here, "sf":  you are the publisher of micropress Sybertooth Publishing, and you have a vested interest in wanting to claim that Sybertooth has had Aurora Award-nominated works.  It never has.

-- Robert J. Sawyer, cofounder, Canadian SF Works Database

As Chairman of the 2011 Aurora Awards Committee I think this issue comes down to the way we use the word “Nominee”.

The lists on the Canadian SF Works database is a proposed group of candidates for the awards.  At no time do they state that they are “nominees”. They are works or people that are eligible for nomination for various awards.

There is a huge confusion about the right to say someone is an “Aurora nominee”.  Just because someone puts your name forward when they submit their nomination form does not mean that you are an “Aurora nominee”.  A member proposes their list of candidates for the award.  These are their personal and private nominations.  The list of “Aurora nominees” are those that are presented after the nominations deadline is closed and the committee has counted them.  This can be referred to as the Aurora Short List or the Aurora Final Ballot and it contains the only works/people that can be called “Aurora nominees”.  The list only contains the top five candidates that members have nominated.  We post a full list of works that members have nominated after the awards are present not to say they are “Aurora nominees” list but to show fandom the wide list of works/people that members appreciated.

At no time may a publisher say that a work they sell is an “Aurora nominee” unless it is on our short list.

Other major awards such as the Hugos also call this group of propose candidates “nominees”.  At not time will they allow anyone who is not on the final ballot to be called a “Hugo nominee”.

Clifford Samuels,  Chair of the Aurora Awards Committee

Clifford Samuels

Thank you, Cliff.  Much appreciated!