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If you have multiple eligible works, you may mark your preferred one with an asterisk

Attention creators:  If you have multiple works eligible in a single awards category, you may, if you wish, place an asterisk after a single work, if that's the one you personally would most like to see nominated (or simply wish to direct readers' attention to, as the work of yours to read if they're only going to read one).

Of course, nominators should only nominate works they are actually familiar with, but with several novelists having more than one book out this past year, and many of the poets having multiple poems, those with multiple eligible works in a category might end up with their support split amongst the various works, and none of them ending up with enough nominations to make the final ballot.

To add an asterisk to one of your works, log in, then go here for the 2010 English wiki and here for the 2010 French wiki, and simply type a blank space and an asterisk after the entry for the work you want to draw attention to.  Please only do this if you are the actual creator of the work, and please only do this if you have at least two eligible works in a given category.

For the Auroras, there is one short fiction category regardless of story length, so if you have multiple short works in any of the novella, novelette, or short-story categories, you may choose to mark one work in any one of those categories for consideration.

We're instituting this to increase the fairness of the process, and also to encourage people to list all of their eligible works here, so that the Canadian SF Works Database will be a comprehensive record of everything produced in a given year, without fear that providing a complete listing will lessen one's chances at a nomination.