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Prix Aurora Awards

Long-Form Works

(Including novels and single-author short-story collections. In the Hugo and Nebula rules, a novel is defined as more than 40,000 words; no word length is specified in the Aurora rules. Single-author collections are eligible for the Aurora but not for the Hugo or the Nebula.)
Nominations Categories:  All items in these categories must have been published, performed or created in the prior calendar year.  The calendar year runs from January 1st and end at midnight on December 31st.  All nominees in any of these categories must be a Canadian citizen or a landed immigrant.   A work or person can not be nominated for the same thing in more than one category.

Professional Categories in English (For a definition of what a professional is please refer to our document on <>.


Best Science Fiction or Fantasy novel in English, over 40,000 words by a Canadian, published within that year. A novelette that is greater than 40,000 words and is published as a stand-alone book can be allowed in this category if the author wishes it.


Best Science Fiction or Fantasy short fiction in English with fewer than 40,000 words, by a Canadian published within that year.

This category covers short form fiction in English such as novelettes, novellas, short stories and flash fiction. Note:  Poetry is now in its own category (see below)


Best Science Fiction or Fantasy graphic novel, single issue of a serial or an on-line comic in English, by a Canadian published within that year. This category is for published works that are mainly graphical.  The nominees can be based on the written word, illustration or colour work


Best Science Fiction or Fantasy poem or song in English, by a Canadian published or performed within that year.

This category covers Poems and Song performances in English.  A song includes lyrics and music.  A song may be available as a document that includes lyrics musical notation, as a recording, as a performance at a fan event or any combination of these ways.


Best Science Fiction or Fantasy literary criticism, book review, critical editions, screen play, anthology, or a single-author collection released as a book in English, by a Canadian published within that year.

This category covers all professionally written works that are not covered in the previous professional categories.

Professional and/or Amateur Category for both English or French


Best Science Fiction or Fantasy artwork or body of artwork, by a Canadian displayed or published within that year.

This category can be for a specific piece of art like a book cover or it can be defined for a body of work done during that year.  An artist can be either professional or amateur.