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On-site voting at this year's Aurora Awards

V-Con, this year's CanVention, has announced a break from CanVention tradition and is having on-site voting for the Aurora Awards (in addition to mail-in voting). Says V-Con Progress Report #2:
Vote at VCON There is no fee to submit an Aurora nomination, but final voting is restricted to CSF&FA members. The good news? Because this years Canvention is being held in association with VCON 32, all VCON members are automatically CSF&FA members and are eligible to vote for the Auroras. A ballot will be included in your VCON 32 registration package. There will be a ballot box at the registration desk and you will have until 6:00 PM on Saturday, October 20 to make your vote count.
To my knowledge, on-site voting has only been done once before: the last time the awards were held at V-Con, which was in 2001: For the curious, the winners that year were as follows: * Best Long-Form Work in English: The Snow Queen, Eileen Kernaghan * Meilleur livre en francais: Demain, les etoiles, Jean-Louis Trudel * Best Short-Form Work in English: "Surrendering the Blade", Marcie Tentchoff (The Doom of Camelot, Green Knight Publishing) [poem] * Meilleure nouvelle en francais: "La Danse des esprits", Douglas Smith (Solaris 134) [traducteur: Benot Domis] * Best Work in English (Other): Science Fiction: The Play, David Widdicombe [play] * Meilleur ouvrage en francais (Autre): Solaris, Joel Champetier, rd. * Artistic Achievement / Accomplissement artistique: Jean-Pierre Normand * Fan Achievement / Accomplissement fanique (Fanzine): Voyageur, Karen Bennett, ed. (USS Hudson Bay / IDIC) ( [clubzine] * Fan Achievement / (Organizational/Organisation): R. Graeme Cameron (BCSFA president & V-Con 25 chair) * Fan Achievement (Other/autre): Donna McMahon, book reviews/ critiques de livres