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Help bring the Worldcon to Canada!

Linda Ross-Mansfield sends the following: After three years of effort and hard work (not to mention conventions and parties) we are almost at the point of knowing if the Worldcon will be in Montreal. The vote to decide the location of the 67th Worldcon will be taking place this coming Labour Day weekend at this year's Worldcon, Nippon 2007, in Yokohama Japan, just a few weeks away. But you don't have to go to Japan to vote. If you are a supporting member of Nippon 2007, you can vote by mail. If you are not yet a member of Nippon 2007, there is still time to become one, in fact the site selection ballot allows you to both vote and become a member by filling out a single form. If you want to mail your ballot directly to Nippon 2007, you must get it to them by July 31st; however, you can also ask a friend to hand carry the vote to Japan for you. You can easily get a site selection ballot as well as all the details in how to vote here. On that web page, download a copy of the site selection ballot, print it out, and mail it in or give a copy to a friend who is going to Nippon 2007. You can also send your ballot to us if you want us to take it to Japan for you. To do this, fill out your ballot, enclose your payment, and seal it in an envelope, mark the envelope 2009 SITE SELECTION BALLOT, put that ballot in a larger envelope, and send it to us at this address: MONTREAL BID c/o John Mansfield 1354 Main St. Winnipeg, MB R2W 3T8 Canada We need to receive your ballot at this address by August 25/ 2007. Make sure your ballot arrives on or before this date, or it will be left behind when we leave for Japan ourselves! If you've voted for a Worldcon site selection before, you're already familiar with how it works. If you want to vote but have never voted before, we've included some information at the end of this message explaining more about how to vote and particularly how to vote if you want Montreal to win. (Of course, we hope you'll vote for us, but what makes Worldcons a success is participation by the fans, and voting is the first way you can participate in creating a Worldcon.) Once again, thank you for supporting our bid, and I hope you will continue your support by voting in the site selection election. Ren Walling Chair, Anticipation: The Montral Worldcon Bid visit our blog P.O. Box 505, Station NDG Montral, QC Canada, H4A 3P8 ****************************************************** HOW TO FILL OUT YOUR BALLOT The ballot looks a little complicated, but the short version of the system is: 1. Fill out information about you. 2. Pay the voting fee. 3. Confirm or purchase a 2007 Worldcon membership. 4. Mark your votes. 5. Seal your ballot. 6. Send your ballot. The instructions below go into more detail about how the ballot works. The ballot itself also has instructions. 1. VOTER INFORMATION: Start by filling out the voter information (page 2 of the ballot). Fill out your name and address, and be sure to sign your ballot. 2. VOTING FEE: You have to pay what is called an "Advance Supporting Membership" in order to vote. This money (USD45) is a supporting membership in the 2009 Worldcon, regardless of who wins the election. This money goes to whichever bid wins the election. To pay this fee, include a payment (US funds only, drawn on a US bank) for USD45 payable to "67th Worldcon." You can also provide credit card information and authorize NESFA to charge your card for USD45 and give the money to the winning bid. 3. ELIGIBILITY TO VOTE: You also have to be a member of the current Worldcon, Nippon 2007, in order to vote. If you are already a member, check the box that says you are a member. If you know your membership number, include it, but don't worry if you don't remember it or have lost your progress report with the mailing label that had your number on it. Your ballot will still count even if you don't include your membership number. If you are not a member of Nippon 2007, you need to buy at least supporting membership in order to vote. Yes, you have to pay two different fees, payable to two different groups, in order to vote if you are not yet a member of the current Worldcon. Include a payment for USD50 payable to "Nippon 2007" (US funds only, drawn on a US bank), or provide credit card information. Remember that if you pay both fees by credit card, you will see two separate charges, from two different organizations, for your membership. 4. VOTING: Okay, now that you've paid your fee, it's time to mark your ballot on page 1 of the ballot. Assuming you want Montreal to win, the best thing to do is to mark a "1" in front of "Anticipation: The Montral Worldcon bid." After you do this, if you have any further preference in who wins (assuming Montreal doesn't win), mark a "2" by your next-highest preference, a "3" by your next, and so forth. But if you don't care who wins if Montreal doesn't win, just leave the rest of your ballot blank. You also may want to read the full instructions on the ballot, which explain "Instant Runoff Voting" in more detail; however, with only two major candidates, marking a "1" by Montreal is the easiest way to vote in this election. 5. SEAL YOUR BALLOT: Fold the bottom half of the ballot on the dotted line running between the two bids listed and the three other choices ("No Preference," "Write-In," and "None of the Above"), then tape your ballot shut. We suggest you then put this ballot along with your payment in an envelope, then give this ballot to whoever is carrying your ballot to Japan for you. 6. SEND YOUR BALLOT: If you can get your ballot to the address shown on the ballot before July 31, 2007, send it there. However, you can also give your ballot to someone going to Japan with instructions to deliver it to the site selection desk for you. If you're going to the NASFiC in St. Louis, there will be a place where you can drop off ballots that will get to the administrator. Or mail or courier your ballot to : MONTREAL BID c/o John Mansfield, 1354 Main St. Winnipeg, MB R2W 3T8 Canada Ensure that it arrives at that address no later than August 25th, 2007, and we will carry your ballot to Japan for you. Linda Ross-Mansfield