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This is the top level Wiki page for the Canadian SF information database. The following pages are categorized into publication year. Fundamentally, this is meant to be a database of titles to provide a memory aid for people who are nominating titles for the various awards (the various awards are listed in the side menu). Given that we are looking to provide visitors (nominators and voters alike) with information for the current awards, we should focus on current information, starting with 2006.


Very neat idea! I look forward to more posts and info.

What is to give light must endure burning--Victor Frankl

I have taken the liberty to add an OTHER WORKS section for both 2006 and 2007. Should we not divide each year between English and French publications? Someting like this: 2006 - English Language Publications 2006 - Publications en français 2007 - English Language Publications 2007 - Publications en français And so on? Also, under the awards links, I think links to the Prix Boréal ( and the Grand Prix de la science-fiction et du fantastique québécois ( should be added. Rene

Yes, there should be additional links for the SF awards in French, mainly the Prix Boréal and the Grand Prix de la SFFQ (Prix Jacques-Brossard).
Jean-Louis Trudel

In creating the menu of links to SF/F Awards, I had no intention to slight French language awards, nor is that list meant to represent every award that exists. Those listed just happened to be the awards that came off the top of my head. If you see something that should be there but isn't, send me an email and I'll make sure it gets representation. -- Marcel Gagné

A nitpick: The official name of the Aurora Awards is "Prix Aurora Awards"

Nitpick accepted. Menu entry has been updated. -- Marcel

So, shall the site be made bilingual?
Jean-Louis Trudel

I added the illustrators -------

Thank you for coming up with this idea ... and of course it would be you two.

Thank you! It just seemed like the way to go. Marcel and I are happy to have launched this, and hope it helps! :) All best wishes! Rob

I've been dumping almost all short fiction titles under "Short Stories," as few magazines and no anthologies tell you in the Table of Contents whether the length of the piece is a Novella, Novelette or Short Story, and I'm not about to count the words of the stories to try to figure it out. So some stories may be misclassified. But how useful, really, is it to have the Novella and Novelette headings? The Prix Aurora Awards have English Long Form and English Short Form categories, and don't care about the length of the Short Form. I suggest we drop the Novella and Novelette headings and put everything under something like "Short Form." If not, if we just keep "Short Stories," allow entries to have a note at the end that reads "(novella)," or "(novelette)" in cases where we know for sure that's what they are.

Karen, unless you're assuming that Canadians have no hope of being nominated for the Hugo or the Nebula in the categories of novella or novelette -- a position that's not particularly tenable, since Robert Charles Wilson is a Hugo novella nominee this year and I was a Hugo and Nebula novella nominee last year -- then I'd ask you to leave those headings intact. This very specifically is NOT a database just for the Aurora Awards, and those length distinctions DO matter for the biggest awards in the field. Besides, the authors themselves, or their editors, can easily come here and move the works to the appropriate categories. The value of a wiki is that it is a work in progress, and errors are usually corrected. Rob

Since different awards may have different definitions of Novel or Short Story, I have added word lenghts for each category listed based on the Hugo Award definitions

I'm new here and would like to add a 2006 story I had published in OnSPEC - "Playing Games" in the Winter issue. Also, my 2007 stories aren't out yet, but I do have the month that one of them will be out - do I wait until it is on the news stands before adding it? Not quite sure of the etiquette, here. Thanks! Susan

How to add a work to the Canadian SF Works Database: Click on the appropriate list on the left-hand menu (under "SF Wiki"), for instance, "2006 - Publications in English." At the top of the page you'll be presented with, you'll see the page title, and the word "Edit." Click on Edit. You'll then be able to add the work you want. Put it under the appropriate subheading (such as SHORT STORIES), in the proper spot in alphabetical order by author's last name, and copy the format others are using (with magazine name in italics codes, for instance). When done, click on "Preview" at the bottom of the page, check out how it looks, and if you don't like it, change it (there will be another editing window at the bottom of the preview window for making new changes). When you are satisfied, click "Submit," and you're done. Feel free to add works as soon as you know the publication information (including issue date for magazines); you don't have to wait until the work is actually published.

I've taken Rob's handy instructions (thanks, Rob) and created a nice little help page for future reference. Just click the "Wiki Help" button in the left-hand main menu. -- Marcel

Hi, folks -- I've put up some 2008 pages for everyone, but don't know how to get them on the sidebar. If someone who's better with this system can let me know, it'd be much appreciated. :) Thanks! Leah Bobet
Leah Bobet

I've added the 2008 lists to the side menu. :) Rob

Thanks! :) Leah Bobet
Leah Bobet

I complete and correct the list. Almost finish Je viens de compléter et de corriger la liste. Je dois encore y apporter quelques petites corrections. C'est presque terminé. -------

Can this wiki be made more versatile by adding some other headings like Writers or SF in Canada or Miscellaneous? One topic, in particular, that I'd suggest is something along the lines of "What makes that Canadian, eh?" where members could talk about what makes Canadian SF special beyond the fact it was written in Canada. The arguments pro and con using 'Canadian' English or Francais Canadienne if such things exist. The importance of supporting our own. Terry Grignon
Terry Grignon

Yeah, I hate the way the new editor here handles HTML editing; the only efficient way to do it is with the WYSIWG editor.  Click the "Source" button in the menu bar to toggle between HTML and WYSIWYG editing.  Marcel, is there something that can be done?  The editing of HTML is AWFUL now.

Gak!  The message editor sucks, too!  It replaced the original message -- which complained about all the HTML turning into one massive block of code with no line breaks -- with my reply.  Marcel?

-- Robert J. Sawyer

Hey Rob,

This is a test to see if my reply replaces your message.

-- Marcel

Could we have the 2011 categories opened please to start adding things in. If you're keeping it closed till the Auroras are nominated maybe put a BIG notice at the top that there are no nominations for 2011 yet (BTW confusing that on the nomination page it says 2011 nominations.)

Also "SF Wiki" is a bit vague and took me a while to actually find that that was where the published works were listed. Perhaps a friendlier title for the less savvy? :) TX

Could we get a category to reflect those on the Auroras? There is nothing for poems and songwriting so I have no idea where to list my eligible poems. Putting them in short fiction won't work. Thanks.

Maybe I missed it before or Marcel was quick to add it. Either way, thank you for making the site a little easier to follow.

What happened to this category in the database of eligible works / organizations for the 2012 Aurora and other awards... For the life of me, I can't find it now. Did it get lost or did I get lost?


What is to give light must endure burning--Victor Frankl

Hi Nina,

It's not there, as far as I can see. I didn't think the poetry one wasn't there earlier today but is now there so maybe Marcel is addng them? It's still a bit of an ungainly site but at least now I can figure out how to enter things a bit better. :)

Someone had deleted the Art/Artists, Graphic Story, and Other Works categories on January 24 at 15:02. I've restored them.

Can someone add a page for 2013 Publications? And 2014? Also, the left-hand SF Wiki menu needs to be updated too because it shows links only for the 2010 Publications and earlier.

There is a function to "add child page" but it's not self-evident as to whether or not that's the correct way to create pages for 2013 and 2014.

Can someone insert breaks between my five entries? I couldn't figure out how to do that. Thanks!

Enter / Return does the job. Fixed.

The user "ajay" erased the contents of 2014 Publications in English on 11/06/2014. How can this be restored? I looked to the previous correct revision from 10/01/2014 as the source, but it looks like copy & paste will result in a version with no formatting and no hyperlinks. Can the administrator undo the last two revisions to restore the original text with formatting intact?