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Fan Award Listings

This is the top level Wiki page for the Canadian SF Fan Awards database. Look below for pages relating to the current voting year and make your entries here. The categories for Fan Awards are:

Best Fan Publication:    Best fanzine or fan newsletter or publication either in print or by electronic means, whose content significantly relates to Science Fiction or Fantasy, published by a Canadian at least once during the previous calendar year.
This category covers both paper and web fanzines.  It can also include on-line fan-run blogs or review sites.  We require that a significant amount of their content to be dedicated to Science Fiction and Fantasy genre-related topics such as books, movies, comics, gaming, filk or conventions.  They can not be ones that have commercial products for sale or be dedicated to a professional group or person.  It must be fannish in nature.
Best Fan Organizational:    Best organizational contributions to Canadian Science Fiction or Fantasy conventions or club activities, by a Canadian during the previous calendar year.
This category is for fans that run or organize non-profit/non-professional Science Fiction and Fantasy related conventions.  This is includes literary, gaming, comic and media events.  See below for Filk events.
Best Fan Filk:    Best fan activity by a Canadian filker in areas such as album, song-writing, performance or sound engineering during the previous calendar year. Filk is fan music based on science fiction or fantasy.
Best Fan Other:    Best fan activity in the area of Science Fiction or Fantasy not encompassed by the previous three subsections in areas such as: presentations, performances, APAS or fan-writing by a Canadian in the previous calendar year.